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Hi! Welcome to Prettibaby's world @Japanbeautyonline.
My name is Jewel Shalom, a co-founder of and resident chef at social enterprise Eco Bed & Breakfast (JB). Now promise me that you won't walk out of my store, empty-handed, ok? Go on, go to Beauty Besties and you'll find a well-edited list of Top-ranking Star performers from Japan.
Well then, you'll ask me if I'm a dermatologist or brand name representative. My answer is no, and no. And your next question will be: what's the connection? The answer is: BEAUTY!
If you've stayed at Eco B&B before, you'd know that that little white house has a simple, pristine white, clean-feel look, with most of the furniture and furnishings being upcycled, if not, locally made or organically sourced. The decor at Eco B&B is a reflection of my beauty philosophy: everything there should be both beautiful and useful
This belief extends to my approach towards skincare. Life is hectic enough, so what remains on my bathroom shelves should be pleasurable to apply, high in performance, as well as be easy on my purse. 
I'm fortunate to have worked for two of the top honchos of the spa scene in Singapore. I've had the privilege of learning directly from the spa gurus themselves. They've taught me so much about skincare and the more I learn, the more fascinated I am!
About Japan Top Beauty
Beautiful skin is an evergreen fashion statement.
It accentuates whatever you're wearing, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and skin tone.  Here, I'm certain you'll discover marvellous products that will kick-start a new skincare regime, or that can be added to complement your present skincare routine.
In the past, a bar of soap was meant to be multi-purpose: you could cleanse yourself all the way from your scalp to your toes. Nobody questioned if that bar of soap was the best one for their skin type.
Fast forward: year 2016. Step into the beauty department of a mall and you'd be lucky to make your way out of the labyrinth of brands, unscathed, with your money intact. So often we end up poorer and none the wiser, swayed by overzealous salespeople, to put our money down on products that we don't really need. Do we realize that we are paying more for the advertisements and celebrity endorsements, than for the goodness contained in that little bottle or tube?
In my quest for a 'good-better-best' complexion, I, too, have paid a hefty price tag several times. But I've learnt that while cheaper doesn't mean inferior, the most expensive doesn't equate the best in quality either. Many skincare products that we use to treat our skincare woes, are ironically, the very culprits causing the problems. To save myself from such heartaches, I decided to decipher skincare ingredient labels. My interest was aroused when I read Paula Begoun's (Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me). Paula Begoun isn't a dermatologist but she has created her own brand name and amassed so much skincare knowledge, while on her journey to break out of her breakout cycle. Amazing!
The products showcased here have been tried-and-tested (personally).
Conclusion: excellent! I am convinced that everyone will discover his or her favourite go-to product from my compilation here. Shine on, in the best skin you can have!
You know something? You, too, can be a #Prettibaby, a Star!!
我是#漂亮宝贝 Jewel ,是绿色社会企业民宿Eco Bed & Breakfast (JB) 的创办人之一兼小厨师。希望大家多多关照,并多多支持这个新出炉的网站喔。在这个美丽的空间里,我会与大家分享美丽潮闻,一起丰富知识,并推荐最佳的日本护肤品做咱们的美丽帮手,让每一个人都能拥有最理想的皮肤,做最自信的自己。因为健康的皮肤是不会过时的。
住宿过Eco B&B 的客人都知道民宿的布置是走简约,大方,清纯白色路线。美美的家具与摆设品背后都有个别的故事:要不是再循环物品,不然就是手工定制或本地的国宝喔。我对美的哲学是:不能光好看也要好用。所以护肤品也应该如此:用法直接,过程享受,效果显现,对荷包负荷也要合理。
虽然我不是皮肤医生也不是护肤品代言人,但有幸在新加坡 Spa 的领域里,向2位Spa 创办人兼护肤美容佼佼者学习。他们教了我很多很多,从护肤程序到产品标签等等。希望能通过这个平台与大家互相切磋,共勉之。我们一起加油吧!
关于Japan Beauty Online

激发我学习认读标签的是美国著名美容护肤达人兼保养指导书作者Paula Begoun。她并非皮肤专科医生,但多年来为了改善本身严重的囊肿痤疮问题,她不断的学习,深入研究,过程中累积了不少护肤知识,写了几本书,开发了自家的护肤品,还有自己的电台节目,从中许多人都获益不浅,实在令我钦佩!
此网站所推荐的产品都是在日本超人气并高居Cosme龙虎榜的 No. 1,我自己也用过了,有看得到摸得到的效果喔,所以跟大家分享,也希望大家会从中找到你们的 No. 1,皮肤越变越靓,像一颗颗闪耀的星星,散发着#Prettibaby #漂亮宝贝的独特光芒